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The Gold Standard Board & Train

Take all of the hassle and confusion and frustration out of teaching your dog how to live and behave in a human world. We train your dog, and then we teach you!

Our most popular Dog Training Service is our Board and Train Package! This training setting is the most effective and efficient way to establish an obedience training foundation, control, focus, environmental neutrality, and overall obedience for any house pet or working dog! Your dog is treated like family while they are with us! During training, you can call or text your trainer at any time for any reason. Modern K9 Solutions is 100% open and transparent with our clients. Period.  





We structured our Board & Train to ensure that our clients and their dogs get the most from a premium training package. We’ve seen all too often people that have spent tens of thousands of dollars just to have trainers tell them that training is an investment, and more money will help them eventually bring out the dog of their dreams! We want to let you in on a coveted secret - Spending more money on methods that aren't getting you results isn’t going to eventually get results! 

Their pitch to get you to keep spending money: Training = Time  &  Time = Money


We agree that training takes time. With owner education and lifetime support we help you keep more money in your account AND get your dog to their fullest potential. 


But what’s the catch…?


There is none. We’re no bullsh*t kind of people. 



Your Success is Our Success.

Why wouldn’t we do everything reasonably possible

 to help you achieve your goals with your dog?  


- What is Included -



We pick up your dog, train them, and bring them home a happy pup ready to be engaged with you and reach their full potential! Door to door service and training. We will come pick up your dog, train them, and then deliver the dog BACK TO YOUR HOUSE after training. This is very unique to Modern K9 Solutions. It is very difficult for a dog training company to ensure that your problems and concerns are addressed if they aren't willing to address those issues where they take place most often - YOUR HOME. We go to any lengths necessary to ensure your training goals are met.

Who wouldn’t love to be proud of being seen with their dog in company or even public?!

With that being an ultimate goal for many of our clients...


We train in public!


Even if your goal isn't to take your dog anywhere and everywhere with you, our Real World Training philosophy solidifies the results you want and need in your home! During their stay with us, your dog will travel around the Greater St. Louis area with their trainer to train in multiple settings and locations such as stores, parks, rivers, downtown areas - and anywhere we can train! Train! Train!

Boarding and Care.


Our trainers work 12+ hour days in their kennels! And every minute is spent training in some way caring for and training your dog. All kennels are located on-site of your trainer’s home, whether that is a kennel room in their house, or a detached outbuilding your dog will never be very far from their trainer - even when it’s time to rest and prepare for the next lesson.

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To our trainers every interaction with your dog is a training opportunity for them. And we take every opportunity we have to teach them everything we can during their Board & Train. For 2+ weeks your dog will learn basic obedience commands, how to keep focused on you regardless of what distractions are around or how far you are from them! 


They will also learn that training is great fun and means FREEDOM! It doesn’t have to be boring and forceful. We focus on a positive bond with your dog and shaping a positive association with everything from day one. After a bond is established in trust and fun, we begin teaching. We’re working on door manners, basic obedience, potty training, environmental neutrality, and so much more!

Dog training is so much more than COME, SIT, DOWN, HEEL, and PLACE.

Basic Obedience
Door Manners
Environmental Neutrality
Build Confidence
Holding Commands and Duration

Structured Socialization
Stop Chewing
Stop Counter Surfing
Stop Excessive Noise
Stop Nipping, Jumping, Biting

Go Home Lesson. 


One of the most important parts of training a dog is teaching their humans! Your Go Home Lesson is anywhere from 2-4 hours long with an academic portion and a live private workshop. Your trainer will teach you everything you need to know to continue having a happy, focused, and relaxed pup when they get home! Modern K9 Solutions will always do your Board and Train Go-Home lesson at your house. We will train you on our training methodologies and techniques, role-play, and ensure you are 100% confident and clear about how to communicate and handle your dog.

There is no time-limit to turn-overs.  We can train your dog to do anything in the world, but we also need to ensure that you have the knowledge, tools, and resources to continue maintaining your Pup's newfound skills and manners. Most of the time your Go-Home lesson will take a minimum of 3-4 hours. We will not close the lesson until you are sure that you are confident and comfortable.

Training Equipment. Every dog is different, every home is different, and every human is different. No matter what your situation is, all equipment that is vital to your success with your dog is included in your Board & Train Package. 


Lifetime Support. We’re your trainers for the rest of your dog’s life. No more living with the stress of your dog’s canine behaviors that don’t mesh in a human home. No more jumping from trainer to trainer looking for the person who is going to be able to tap into your dog’s potential. No more throwing money everywhere with the hope of something eventually working. 


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Is a Board & Train the Best Option to Accomplish Your Training Goals?

Absolutely. Hands-down. 110%!!! Board and Train programs are the foundation Modern K9 Solution's dog training business. Which Board and Train Program you should choose depends upon your dog training needs, goals, and issues you may have as well as what knowledge your dog may or may not have in the discipline you're looking to train for.

Each board and train program is custom tailored to the individual dog and their human family.


During our board and train programs, your dog is never without their trainer. During your dog's training, your trainer will send you daily progress reports and several photos so you can stay up to date on the latest news of your pup's progress through their program. 

All we need is your pup and their food! Select the length of time for the training, and we've got the rest covered. Every Board and Train client can expect their dog to know Sit, Down, Recall, Place, and Heel (loose leash walk). We will work on and off leash obedience and cover all aspects of livability, control, and environmental neutrality. 

How long is the Training?

Our training packages and length of stay are custom tailored to your training goals and expectations and your dog's learning style and speed. Some issues take longer to build a foundation and begin training. This happens with duration of time, multiple repetitions, and nothing less than precision.

Our Pre-set packages are anywhere from 2-4 weeks for our Board and Train Program. In some cases (very very rarely) when dealing with Aggression, Reactivity, and Excessively Fearful Dogs we may have to add a week or two on a case by case basis.

***If we suspect that your pup will need to stay longer than our 4 week Board and Train, we will communicate that with you upfront before commitment to the training.***

So My Dog Gets Trained... Then What?

Once Training Is Done We will have a Go-Home Lesson at the end of your dog's training immersion. This includes:

  • Learning the Principles of Dog Training (which apply to tapping into your dog's new skills).

  • Learning the Obedience Commands.

  • Learning how to apply which motivators in a given situation (and we're always a call or text a way if something unforeseen comes up after the lesson).

  • Learning how to build a partnership with your pup.

  • Learning the Clear and Concise communication your dog needs to be at their best.

***Plan for anywhere between 3-4 hours spent with us going over the last 2-4 weeks.***




2 Week Board & Train


Do you just want a start on basic obedience, control, and some environmental neutrality? This package is for you!

Commands: Sit, Down, Come, Heel, Place.

3 Week Board & Train


The difference in the 2 week and 3 week Board & Train is the amount of time your dog spends with a professional trainer. More time = more training = a better foundation. 

Do you want a dog that will stay in a sit or down for long periods of time? This package is for you!

4 Week Board & Train


Minimum requirement for all Nervous, Reactive, Anxious, and Aggressive Cases. 

We need more time with severe behavior cases. Our training philosophy includes the belief that dogs have the ability to make their own decisions. We want training to be fun and positive for every dog, and for that to happen your dog needs to decide that they want to be a part of the training process, which takes time. 

Obedience Training Foundation & Behavior Modification. 

+1 additional Week


While Nervous and Aggressive and Reactive cases require a minimum of 4 weeks with their trainer in order to open up and ensure a solid foundation, some dogs (on a case by case basis) will need more than 4 weeks to get the same foundation. 

This will always be discussed with you prior to committing to training.

Puppy All-Inclusive


Puppy University - 10 Day Board & Train for Puppies 8 weeks to 6 months of Age 


2 Week Board & Train for Puppies 6 months to 1 Year of Age

Puppy University


10 Day Board & Train for Puppies 8 weeks to 6 months of Age


This Board & Train Package is specifically designed to show your puppy that everything in life can be positive and fun! while also building confidence, focus, and neutrality. We also get started with potty training, crate training, and riding in the vehicle.

This package gives a great starting point to get you and your puppy off to a great start! But it is by no means a complete package. Please expect to require training later on.


Have your dog professionally trained


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