You will receive your trainer's full and undivided attention for one hour each lesson! Any of our options give you and your pup a chance to work with and learn from our industry leading staff! We are teaching you how to train your dog. You are responsible for the results! Success in lessons largely depends upon your dedication to the information and working the home work your trainer gives you.

SINGLE LESSON - A single lesson is great for addressing one specific skill or issue. 

5 LESSON PACKAGE - By the end of your 5 lessons you and your dog will have much stronger communication with one another. We will cover the principles of dog training, and how to apply them to your specific partnership. Through the one on one lessons and homework you will learn how to train your dog to perform basic commands - Sit, Down, Recall (come), Heel (loose leash walk), and Place. 

10 LESSON PACKAGE - The 10 lesson package includes everything in our 5 lesson package, but you get more time with your trainer. More time means more results! This package is recommended for anyone considering lessons with dogs that exhibit fearful or aggressive behavior.