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Puppy Training

Let us teach you how to raise your puppy

to be the Once in A Lifetime Dog

you imagined when you brought them home.

Puppies are so much fun! But let's not ignore how much work they are too. Our puppy training packages are very different from our adult dog packages, because a puppy is just learning about and experiencing the world. Rather than being designed to address "bad" habits with training, we focus on coaching and guiding puppies to develop the good habits right from the start! 

Each and every puppy has their own personality and likes and dislikes. How we interact with their personality and guide them through their puppy development is ultimately what determines what kind of dog we get to spend the rest of their lives with

Let us help you learn how to raise the dog you imagined having when you brought your furry friend home.

Please review the age requirements listed in each of our puppy services.

  • Positive Reinforcement!!!! 

  •  Luring and Shaping Commands

  • Naming Basic Obedience Commands "Place" "Sit" "Down" "Come" "Heel" (loose leash walk)

  • Environmental Exposure and Neutrality - a key to raising a confident, stable, and balanced dog!

  • Crate Training

  • Potty Training


Puppy Selection

You can be sure you are getting a dog that will best fit your lifestyle and family, we're here to help! 

There are several tests we can implement to determine the temperament, drive, and disposition of a puppy to let you know what you can expect in your future dog.


Puppy Lessons

We teach you what you need to do in order to start your puppy off on the right paw in learning how to be their best self as they grow up.

Puppy lessons are in packages of 5 and consist of an hour once per week for 5 weeks with homework to do following each lesson. 

5 Lessons for $600

Puppy University

We take all of the work out of teaching your puppy the basics of what they need to know to start life on the right paw!

*10 Day Board & Train (8 weeks - 6 months old)




We take all of the work out of teaching your puppy the basics of what they need to know, and finish off later with Adult Training (and trust us, you'll need it once they hit their teenager phase!).

*10 Day Board & Train (8 weeks - 6 months old)


* 2 Week Board & Train (6 months - 1 year old)


Puppy University and a 2 Week Board & Train cost $4,000 total when purchased separately



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