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Helping Dogs in Need.

Rescue: It is not just a verb, it is a promise.

Over the years of training dogs in pet homes, in rescues, or helping a dog find a rescue we have come to understand one thing: dogs end up in rescues because they were let down by one or more human along the way. 

Whether it was the breeder without sound breeding practices, the pet owner who didn't see the importance of spay and neuter, the human that didn't understand what all comes with owning a puppy, the one who chose for color over temperament or personality, the one who got a dog without understanding much about the species other than their own desire for loyalty and unconditional love. Every dog in a rescue was let down by at least one human.

In becoming educated about dogs and dog behavior and training, we feel it is our responsibility to do what we can to help right these wrongs with our knowledge and expertise to the best of our ability. Humans were the ones that put these dogs in this situation, and it is humans responsibility to get them out of it.


We we are here to help do our part.


There is so much we can learn and understand about a Dog just by spending a few days with them.

Our Consulting Services are exclusive to rescues, and not limited.


We can assist with intake evaluations as well as whether or not a dog may be a good training candidate and so much more!


Tell us how we can help. 


Increase the safety of your Volunteers and Staff by having professionals come and teach everyone how to handle dogs. 

We have also seen the impact first hand that this education can have in expanding a rescues ability to adopt dogs sooner, and finding them their new home!

Emergency Training

Have you found a Diamond in the Ruff that needs training ASAP?

The fact is, most dogs on the euthanasia list for behavioral issues are there because they have been misunderstood or have had miscommunication their entire lives. 

We're here to help.

Alumni support

We understand

 one of the most crucial things for a rescue is keeping dogs in their homes.

We get it. And we have some exclusive services available to help you do just that.

Let's get a plan together and show the adopter what a good pup they chose!

Rescues We Sponsor

- If you are looking for a Rescue to become a Volunteer, Donate to, or Adopt from - here you will find the Rescues that believe in going to whatever length necessary to help a dog find their forever home. 

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