What Type of Training Do We Offer?

Dog training can go beyond simple obedience!

Below you will find a comprehensive list of the types of Dog Training that we offer at Modern K9 Solutions through any of our Services: Board & Train, Private Lessons, Group Lessons, and Workshops!

Some types of training require specific packages to ensure that our Clients and their Dogs get the most from their time invested. 

Puppy Training

Puppies are so much fun! But let's not ignore how much work they are too. Our puppy training packages are very different from our adult dog packages, because a puppy is just learning about and experiencing the world.

Puppy Packages are for dogs from 16 weeks to 6 months old (after all proper veterinarian recommended vaccinations are completed please!) and we focus on puppy things!

  • Positive Reinforcement!!!! 

  • Environmental Exposure and Neutrality - highly important when raising and confident, stable, and balanced dog!

  • Crate Training

  • Potty Training

  • Luring and Shaping Commands

Beginner & Advanced Obedience

Beginner and Advanced Obedience is no easy task to teach a dog. But we've got you covered! Our Dog Obedience Training consists of teaching Sit, Down, Place, Come (Recall), and a Heel both ON and OFF LEASH!


You can expect your dog to know each of the commands and have them generalized. It doesn't matter if you are in your home, at the park, or in a store. Sit means sit. Down means down. Your dog will happily comply with the obedience commands giving you peace of mind and better control.

3 week Board and Train

5 lessons Package


With Advanced Obedience we are looking to increase the length of time your dog can hold a command with as many distractions as we can expose them to! The goal is to have your dog hold the command no matter what until you release them!

Achieving these results requires your dog to already have an understanding of obedience commands OR a longer stay with us 5-6 week Board and Train

10 Lessons Package

Aggression Rehabilitation

Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation is no gimmick. No, not all dogs that bite need to be euthanized. Rehabilitating aggression is no easy task, but it's out foundation here at Modern K9 Solutions. 

Tommy began his dog training journey with his Dog Aggressive German Shepherd "Wilson" (he's ALL OVER our website!) who had killed at least one dog prior to Tommy adopting him. After several years with Tommy staying consistent in his communication with Wilson and his expectations - Tommy had a clear minded stable companion.


Within the last few years before Wilson retired from working he was actually attacked by two others dogs in which Wilson DID NOT ENGAGE!

Not only do we have trainers that are Certified Dog Trainers by Nationally Recognized schools - they're certified to train dogs for so much more than Obedience!!

Working Dog Training

  • Service Dogs 

  • Search and Rescue

  • Therapy Dogs

  • Tracking

  • Detection

  • Personal Protection

Sport Dog Training

There are too many Dog Sports to count! And what we have found is that when you find the sport that even your pet dog LOVES it can be a great way to compliment your Obedience Training!

  • Retrieving

  • Tracking

  • Odor Detection

  • Weight Pulling

  • Frisbee

  • Dock Diving

  • Competion Obedience 

  • Protection Sports

    • PSA

    • IPO/IGP

    • Schutzhund

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