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We are not currently offering workshops! Be sure to check back here, or send us contact information with a note that you would like to be notified when we begin offering them again! 

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Teach your dog to play hide and seek! 

It's no secret that dogs love to use their nose! Teach your pup to sniff the ground instead of counter surfing!

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Let's run around with our pups and have some fun! Dogs need more than knowing how to behave. They want to live their best life too! 

Agility also helps build Confidence!

Trick Dog

Did you know that your dog can earn titles for tricks?! Dogs are such amazing creatures, and often times as pet owners we don't give their intelligence enough credit. It's no wonder with all of the chaos they can cause! 

Come out and bond with your dog doing something other than obedience!  

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Problem Solving

Maybe you've gotten your basic obedience commands down, but are dealing with some very specific issues.

We offer Problem Solving as a Workshop because the Group Setting allows everyone to learn from one another. And trust us, you are not alone in the problems with your dog!

Dog Walker

American Kennenl Club

Canine Good Citizen

Prep Course

Your Pup DOES NOT have to be AKC Registered in order to be recognized as a CGC graduate!

Our Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Prep-Course follows the American Kennel Club (AKC) requirements for the CGC Certification:

6 Lessons each One Hour over 6 Weeks (One Lesson Per Week) with the CGC test Proctored during the final lesson as part of your training package.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time you will need to self register your certification with the AKC for it to be valid. The AKC charges their own fee associated with registering your CGC.

For additional information about the CGC please visit their website:

Do you have any other things that you would love to learn with your pup in a workshop?


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